This is not our first rodeo.

Over the last eleven years Puzzle has enjoyed over 700 adventures, with most of Australia's top 100 companies, federal and state government agencies and some very worthwhile for-benefit organisations.

Thought leaders
Focus on your people.

The way they work and the tools they need. By connecting your strategy to your physical, virtual and people environments you unleash real potential and advantage.

Fast facts
Ken Mellowship
Connection industry futurist
Katherine Divett
Things that matter quality, service & transformation
Dr Megan Divett
Innovation design thinking & people
Smart Creatives
Our people make Puzzle different.

An eclectic mix of skills, experience and super-powers, all focused on helping our clients better understand a challenge and resolve in a clever way. Giving our clients and partners the outcomes they were looking for.

Fast facts
Joanne Ross
People Advocate client journey & transformation
Deb Sochen
Workplace Transformation leading people & change
Serena Wickens
Aligned leadership strategy & transition

Become a Puzzler

Puzzle is a consultancy business that helps our clients transform their workplace.

We do this via six core capabilities: workplace strategy; people & change; information & storage management; relocation or transition management; benefit realisation evaluation; and technology migration. Put simply, we help people make the most out of their workspace.

Our competitive advantage relies on the experience and expertise of our people and our ability to build strong relationships. We know what we’re talking about and we make it easy for our clients and project partners to look good. Sound interesting?

Reach out

Get in contact with us to understand more about what we do. Do your homework and find out about workplaces and what makes them thrum in terms of their physical, virtual and people environments. How have different organisations created their own high performance environments?

Dream big

Think about the skills and experiences you have collected over the years. What adventures have shaped you so far and what excites you about tomorrow?

Make someone smile

Start an adventure with us. Do everything you can to surprise, delight and connect with us and our clients.
Take a chance to try something new.

Make the most of every opportunity to learn and delight.

At Puzzle we look to learn something from every interaction. How might we do something even better? If this sounds just like you, we'd love to work together.