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Sydney University, Sydney
relocation management

A world of possible

In a quest to be a world class research and education hub, FEIT recognised that they needed to make a seismic shift in the way they work together to attract the best talent and brightest students.

Future proofing the physical footprint of an iconic landmark for the next 50 years requires bold leadership and new ways of thinking. Bringing the faculty together to explore what is means to be ‘world class’ was instrumental in changing the mindsets of leaders who would drive the change.

The puzzle team worked closely onsite with the faculty to create an engagement, communication and leadership strategy and assisted FEIT to analyse their space needs. On boarding new resources within the faculty has set the faculty up with the capability to manage the ongoing transformation of their future precinct.

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RMIT, Melbourne
relocation management
Creating a positive experience for staff and students hinged on a seamless relocation.

For more than a century, RMIT’s city campus has been anything but traditional, with numerous buildings spread right across the city of Melbourne. Yet, their boldest move to date has been to create a city within a city. Bringing schools within the colleges together across clusters of closely grouped buildings, increasing interdisciplinary engagement. Now approaching the end of the $800 million project, which saw major upgrades to many historical buildings, RMIT has added stunning new architecture to the Melbourne landscape, including the multi award winning Swanston Academic Building and Design Hub.

Transitioning more than 875 staff and students along with tens of thousands of items, not to mention almost 50, 000 items from the College of Business Library could have been overwhelming. Yet, the project was broken down into 15 smaller, more manageable moves, over a period of three years. No detail was left to chance, with everything covered. Education and communication programs helped keep staff informed and allowed them to build the necessary skills to prepare for and adjust to the new space. “I would personally like to thank all the staff concerned with shifting us out of the old building and into the SAB. It was a joy to come to work this morning and have everything not only delivered, but connected and operational. I think the project team have done a remarkable job and deserve significant recognition.” - Department Manager, RMIT

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Sydney IVF
relocation management
Carefully moving people's futures.

The Sydney IVF Clinic relocated their 14 bed facilities to a new location while maintaining full hospital services,including more than 200 office, clinical and medical staff, laboratories and specialist equipment. Imagine moving your most precious possesion in all of the world through a busy city within a short time frame, whilst maintaining exactly the right tilt and temperature. It would take some planning.

In fact the relocation planning required complex staging and decanting strategies for the scientific and specialist equipment, including highly sensitive, extremely valuable specimen. Execution of the process involved detailed traffic management, specialist commissioning experts and multi-layered dependency planning.

Australian Catholic University
relocation management
Information at our fingertips.

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) attracts large numbers of students, all seeking to learn and have access to the latest information. But can a library also feel nice to be in. ACU thought so. By refurbishing the Raheen library, they gained an additional floor and created spaces that people wanted to come back to.

Though this took some detailed plannning to move the complete library collection and study facilities...twice. The project required a two phase relocation. First into temporary facilties, then into the final destination when the project was complete. The move included relocation of PCs, furniture and sequential mapping and relocation of over two kilometres of book collections.

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