Mirvac, Sydney
workplace strategy & change
The power of ideas.

Mirvac knew that collaboration made them better. What they hadn’t yet discovered was the kind of work environment that would support their performance.

Puzzle began a journey to excite Mirvac’s people about the future of their workplace. We began a program to encourage them to test and refine their workspaces and contribute their own ideas to the design.

These initial ideas were translated into a Mirvac-designed prototype space, enabling people to explore the settings, spaces and furniture available. Teams were then able to provide feedback through a smartphone app and return to the space to experience changes based on their suggestions. Over 1,400 items of feedback and ideas were contributed over the course of the project.

Mirvac and Puzzle tested project team spaces, flexible non-assigned seating, and creative collaborative spaces in the pursuit of their future workplace.

The outcome is a thought leading, modern, flexible, exemplar workplace environment.

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Medibank, Melbourne
relocation & storage
A healthier place to work.

Medibank Private are leading the charge around healthy workplaces by relocating over 2,000 Melbourne staff from older “sick” buildings into one new, healthy tower at Docklands. This activity based environment has been designed to help people connect with each other, themselves and nature, including ready access to the outdoors and an edible garden. Even the outside of the building has been cloaked in plants and planter boxes.

Transitioning more than 2,000 staff from seven seperate buildings requires a very good understanding of what people have, what they need, and what they can let go of. Puzzle managed the storage reduction program as well as complex relocation planning and delivery to relocate 2,000 people into the one community.

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Fire & Emergency Services (FESA), Perth
relocation & change
Like a house on fire.

Fire & Emergency Services in Western Australia are responsible for responding to all fire and emergency incidents across WA. It would be hard to pin down a good time to relocate all of the critical infrastructure associated with 000, technology and fire fighting support for the entire state. So we didn't. Instead we developed a detailed, complex relocation, change and technology program that was completely agile. By working closely with stakeholders from across the organisation, we identified a critical transition path for each aspect of the organisation, trialled and tested the approach, then sat back and waited for the right opportunity.

The move from the CBD to Cockburn was seamless, relying on parallel networks and multi-layered dependencies, FESA successfully delivered a continuous service throughout the relocation.

Canberra Women's & Children's Hospital, Canberra
relocation management
A new building emerges within a fully operational hospital

Maternity, Maternal - Foetal Medicine, Gynaecology, Neonatal Intensive Care and Paediatrics all under the one roof. The complex transition of patients, medical staff, equipment and medical files within a two stage project, including the neonatal intensive care unit. The Completed hospital now accommodates 30 inpatient beds for women, 48 inpatient beds for paediatrics, 34 neonatal intensive care unit/special care nursery cots, 16 day beds for paediatrics, five labour birth recovery postpartum (LBRP) beds in the birth centre, and 15 LBRP beds in birthing suites.

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Ernst & Young, Melbourne
relocation management
We know we can do this better.

As one of the world's leading professional services firms, Ernst & Young help companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. So when they saw an opportunity for themselves, they took it. They understood that by managing and storing information better, moving to a more flexible workplace and creating neighbourhoods based on clever synergies, they could make better use of the space they had, and reduce their overall foot print by 2 floors.

This required the detailed management of a relocation and restack for more than 1,400 staff, across 10 move phases.

Melbourne Water, Melbourne
relocation management
Achieving valuable outcomes despite very real challenges.

Despite record level drought, bushfires and flooding, Melbourne Water have successfully delivered unprecedented volumes of work to improve Melbourne's water supply, sewerage and drainage systems and rivers and creeks in the last few years. How can they be doing so well in the face of these significant challenges? Simple. Melbourne Water took the time think through what was important and how these things might best be supported within the workplace. A big part of which was bringing together more than 850 staff from four separate premises into a new, much more sustainable head office at Docklands.

This meant moving from a very paper intensive approach to a streamlined paper-lite way of working, and securely transferring the sequential filing system while maintaining business operations. The relocation strategy required a two week move period, contingency for delays to practical completion, detailed move planning, targeted stakeholder communications and onsite move management.

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