Financial Services

Macquarie, Sydney
people & change
Building a community.

A strong sense of community comes from a shared history together and knowing that you belong. There is no better place to create a strong community than in the recently restored 50 Martin Place, with a wide central attrium connecting the entire building to plenty of natural light and each other. An internal citrus staircase encouraging movement and connection across different floors giving members of this community freedom to explore the whole building. 50 Martin Place has just been awarded a 6-star Green Star rating, an incredible achievement for a heritage building that is almost 90 years old.

Engaging individuals and teams in this project to help them manage their transition into this more open and connected environment, required clever strategy and experienced dedicated support. This tight knit community all started with an emotional connection with place.

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Westpac, Sydney
relocation management
Confidence in Sydney as our financial epi-centre.

Westpac’s chief executive Gail Kelly demonstrated her company’s “commitment and confidence in the future of Sydney as a financial centre”, by investing in future workplaces in and around the city. Westpac continue to re-invent their workplace of the future and what competitve advantage means for them.

Managing the staged transition of over 3,000 staff from many different sites without interrupting Westpac's high standard of service is a real challenge that takes a team of experienced people on the ground. Engaging with individual teams to define specific requirements and manage their needs.

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QBE, Sydney
people & change
Award winning innovation.

The aim of this transformation was to create a well connected, more open and collaborative environment that welcomed employees, clients and visitors. But the proof is in the pudding. This transformation achieved: a 77% increase in workplace satisfaction, a 59% shift toward a higher performance environment, and 84% increase in the level of pride about the workplace.

8 Chifley provided a dramatic improvement in working environment, with 90% of respondents feeling it was easier to collaborate, and 74% felt much more productive. Based on the success of this project, the team received a NAWIC award for Team Innovation.

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ING, Sydney
workplace strategy
A focus on ideas and inspiration.

ING actively cultivate an edge. No one else is like them and they see this as their competitive advantage. ING understood the impact our environment has on the way we work together and wanted to discover what would make them better, faster, smarter?

They began by asking their people. Seeking new ideas and enthusiasm for better ways of working together. Drawing on a range of different mechanisms, ING actively engaged all of their people. Pop up feedback and surveys. Hands-on co design workshops and leader sessions. Puzzle then blended these ideas with ING workplace intelligence and insights from others who have done this well. Creating a workplace strategy that answered the needs of ING’s staff, honing their edge within the financial services industry in Australia.

Toyota, Sydney
workplace strategy
A new way of collaborating.

Seeking to drive greater innovation and a closer connection with their customers, Toyota Financial Services have begun thinking about better ways to collaborate across their business. They have begun by using an Obeya process to better understand how the business would like to collaborate.

They will then re-allocate individual office spaces, transform these into a range of different collaborative meeting spaces and assess how these different spaces impact the way the organisation collaborates.

IAG, Perth
workplace strategy
Dipping a toe in the water.

IAG's Perth based contact centre asked themselves whether a more flexible environment might help attract and retain the best and brightest. In the face of WA's resource boom, it became quite a challenge to attract really talented people and keep them. Let alone in an industry with an average turn-over of about 1 in 4 people. What might happen if we re-invented our workplace?

IAG undertook a co-design approach to developing a flexible, more open environment for their Perth contact centre. Working closely with leaders and representatives from across the division, the project re-defined a range of different spaces based on the specific work styles necessary for high performance in a contact centre. More than most, good contact centres thrive by building and maintaining very strong teams.