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BHP Billiton, Perth
change & relocation management
One company.

Six completely separate companies, working in isolation across Perth were brought together to create one BHP Billiton. City Square provides a completely open and connected environment, with no offices. Creating a sense of community, more visible leadership and greater staff engagement.

The team helped transition more than 4,000 people from 15 different buildings into City Square, including team engagement and communications, complex relocation planning, technology support, hands on move management, post move support.

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Rio Tinto, Perth
change & relocation management
Making better use of space.

Rio Tinto, spread across multiple buildings around Perth's CBD, knew that if they thought about their space differently they could make better use of the space they had and release some of the leases they no longer needed. However, each business within the organisation worked very differently and needed very different approach.

This required a flexible approach and extensive senior stakeholder engagement with each of the different businesses to review their available space, understand opportunities to work more flexibly, and the cost implications and savings possible. Once the preferred approach was agreed, the team provided change management, project management and quality assurance throghout the transition to mitigate risks and issues.

Chevron, Perth
people & change
Evidence based decision making.

In planning a new Perth headquarters, Chevron began by understanding how they use their space now, and what opportunities there were to create a more connected and collaborative environment. After observing four different buildings and over 6,000 people, Chevron was able to integrate key insights about better ways to meet and collaborate into the design of their new headquarters.

As one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, Chevron is committed to excellence in everything they do and striving to continually improve. Their new Perth headquarters is just another example of how they look to make the most of every opportunity.

Broad / Leightons, Perth
people, change & relocation
Making connections.

Leightons created a new headquarters in Perth to make it easier to create connections across its different divisions as well as with the community, located within Perth's WorkZone facility. This involved transitioning more than 850 people from three seperate locations into 202 Pier St, Perth. Including targeted engagement and communications, complex relocation planning and delivery.

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