Canon, Sydney
people & change
Where good ideas come from.

Canon's Oceanic head office needed to inspire and engage its people and customers the moment they walked through the door. They were looking for an environment that actively encouraged people to think differently by stimulating collaboration and innovation. How do you get people to spend more time connecting with each other and their customers. Simple, you co-design a high performance environment with the business. Canon chose to transition from a static environment to a flexible workplace.

Supporting Canon’s 700+ staff to transition into this new way of working within a flexible (activity based) workplace took some thinking. The team designed and delivered a range of different opptunities to engage and support the business, including all staff co-design market, numerous workshops, utilisation studies, establishing special interest groups and engagement strategies.

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Fuji Xerox, Sydney
people, change & relocation
Not a “right” way to introduce flexible workplaces.

There is not a “one size fits all” approach to flexible work environments but we can all learn from each other. Rather than a choice between flexible or not, there is actually a continuum of choices. How flexible wold you like to be? Which style of work will give you the best productivity and engagement, from fixed desks and more flexible meeting spaces to the idea of a fully flexible, non-assigned work spaces.

To create a high performance environment, Fuji Xerox Australia (FXA) make choices around technology, the physical environment and the way people work within their environment. This is a journey they started over a decade ago and continue to learn more along the way, they continue to refine their approach and way of working together, increasing their already high levels of engagement and productivity. The team continue to support FXA by evaluating the benefits of these changes, engaging teams and supporting people to change the way they work, and helping them decant their space as they experiment more with their workplace.

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Microsoft, Sydney
people, change & relocation
A clear advantage.

Microsoft uses its global Workplace Advantage program to re-invent the way it works. From closed off, grey cubicles to colourful, activity-based environments that give people the freedom to think and collaborate the way they want. Here in Australia, Microsoft refurbished its North Ryde office a floor at a time, co designing each floor with its teams and learning what worked well (and what didn't) along the way.

Two key factors have made this transformation such a huge success. The first is the way Microsoft localise their global approach. Engaging the ideas of those people using the space to create a new environment. The second is the dedication of leaders and people managers who continue to make sure they are doing this as well as they can. Over five years on and Microsoft Australia continue to ask themselves, could we be doing this even better? How else can our workplace give us the advantage we are looking for?

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